Ceramics : Properties & Classification of Ceramic

Definition of Ceramics : The word ceramics is of Greek origin ( keromos ) meaning potter’s earth or day ceramics. In present days, Ceramic is used to deflate wide range of silicates, metallic oxides and other combinations. Clay products are the most Common and appropriate example of ceramic materials. General Properties of Ceramics : Ceramics … Read moreCeramics : Properties & Classification of Ceramic

Aggregate | Classification & Test on Aggregate

What are Aggregate in Construction Industry ? In the construction industry, aggregate are used as filler material in the production of concrete and mortar. Aggregate occupy around 70% to 80% of the volume of the concrete, reduce shrinkage effects and minimize costs. The coarse aggregate form the main matrix of concrete and the fine aggregates … Read moreAggregate | Classification & Test on Aggregate

Particle Size Distribution of Soil

Particle Size Distribution Particle Size Distribution or the percentage of grains of different sizes in a given soil is an important property of soil. Particle size analysis of coarse soils is carried out by sieve analysis or mechanical analysis whereas fine-grained soils are analysed by hydrometer analysis. In general, a combined analysis is carried out … Read moreParticle Size Distribution of Soil

Timber – Classification, Types, Defects in Timber

Definition Of Timber Timber or Lumber is nothing but wood used for building and other engineering purposes. It is obtained from the trunk of  trees. Trees give different types of timber which can be used for different kinds of works. Classification of Trees : Exogenous Trees : These trees grow outward and have distinct consecutive … Read moreTimber – Classification, Types, Defects in Timber

What is Geographic Information System (GIS) ?

Concept of Geographic Information System In today’s modern world most of the decisions involving planning and development are based on consideration of the information available regarding location or geographic information. such information regarding location is usually referred to as Geographic Information System or GIS. Geographic Information System should include not only the data processing functions … Read moreWhat is Geographic Information System (GIS) ?

Global Positioning System { GPS } in Surveying

Importance of Global Positioning System (GPS) in Civil Engineering Global Positioning System is a system developed by the US Department Of Defence (D.O.D) for military as well as Civil operations. The D.O.D sustains it. The Global Positioning System provides quickly, accurate and inexpensively to determine the time, position and velocity of any object on the … Read moreGlobal Positioning System { GPS } in Surveying

Plane Table Surveying : Advantages & Disadvantages

Plane Table Surveying Plane Table Surveying is one of the most rapid method of surveying. The plane table is an instrument used for surveying by a graphical method in which the field work and plotting are done simultaneously. The main advantage of plane table surveying is that the topographic features to be mapped are in … Read morePlane Table Surveying : Advantages & Disadvantages