Types of Dams – Site Selection of Dam

In this article¬† we are going to cover the topic about Dam, Types of dams, selection criteria required for the site of the dam and on what basis the type of dam is selected for a particular site and the factors effecting the selection of site of dam. A Dam is an obstruction or barrier … Read moreTypes of Dams – Site Selection of Dam

Sedimentation in Reservoir – Control Measures

What is Sedimentation of Reservoir ? When the silt laiden water reaches a reservoir in vicinity of the dam, the velocity and turbulence are considerably reduced. The biggest particle which moves along the bed load, gets deposited in the head or upper reaches of reservoir. While the fine particles which are kept in suspension as … Read moreSedimentation in Reservoir – Control Measures

Reservoir | Types and Storage Zones of Reservoir

Definition of Reservoir when a barrier is constructed across a river in the form of dam, water gets stored on upstream side of the barrier, forming a pool of water called dam reservoir or impounding reservoirs or a storage reservoirs or a river reservoirs. Reservoirs are mainly categorized into 2 types : Impounding ( into … Read moreReservoir | Types and Storage Zones of Reservoir