Ceramics : Properties & Classification of Ceramic

Definition of Ceramics : The word ceramics is of Greek origin ( keromos ) meaning potter’s earth or day ceramics. In present days, Ceramic is used to deflate wide range of silicates, metallic oxides and other combinations. Clay products are the most Common and appropriate example of ceramic materials. General Properties of Ceramics : Ceramics … Read moreCeramics : Properties & Classification of Ceramic

Aggregate | Classification & Test on Aggregate

What are Aggregate in Construction Industry ? In the construction industry, aggregate are used as filler material in the production of concrete and mortar. Aggregate occupy around 70% to 80% of the volume of the concrete, reduce shrinkage effects and minimize costs. The coarse aggregate form the main matrix of concrete and the fine aggregates … Read moreAggregate | Classification & Test on Aggregate

Timber – Classification, Types, Defects in Timber

Definition Of Timber Timber or Lumber is nothing but wood used for building and other engineering purposes. It is obtained from the trunk of  trees. Trees give different types of timber which can be used for different kinds of works. Classification of Trees : Exogenous Trees : These trees grow outward and have distinct consecutive … Read moreTimber – Classification, Types, Defects in Timber

Workability of Concrete & Factors Affecting It

What is Workability of Concrete ? The term ‘Workability of Concrete’ is defined as the property of freshly mixed concrete which determines the ease and homogeneity with which it can be mixed placed, consolidated and finished. An ideal water-cement ratio alone is not going to give maximum strength. 100% compaction of concrete is an important … Read moreWorkability of Concrete & Factors Affecting It