Honeycombs in Concrete – Causes & Prevention

What is Honeycombs in Concrete ? When the surface looks very rough with voids and gaps between concrete and the reinforcement it is called as ‘Honeycombs in Concrete’. It looks very similar like the honeycomb. Honeycombs in concrete are serious problems which not only reduces the strength of concrete but also makes the reinforcement vulnerable. … Read moreHoneycombs in Concrete – Causes & Prevention

Construction Joints in Concrete & It’s Advantages

What are Construction Joints in Concrete ? Construction Joints are placed when the mass concreting works are done and cannot be completed on a single stretch. The interface of the past days hard concrete and present days fresh concrete is to be properly done, So as the bonding should be perfect for load transferring and … Read moreConstruction Joints in Concrete & It’s Advantages

Segregation of Concrete & How to Prevent it

Concept of Segregation of Concrete Segregation of concrete means separation of ingredients from design fresh concrete resulting in the non-uniform mix. More specifically this implies the separation of coarse aggregates from the mortar because of differences in size, density, shape and other properties of ingredients in which they are composed. Because of segregation honeycomb is … Read moreSegregation of Concrete & How to Prevent it

What is Bleeding of Concrete ?

Concept of Bleeding of Concrete.¬† concrete mix design is a very precise science to achieve design concrete strength. If concrete ingredients are not mixed properly many concrete related problems can result and affect the strength and durability of concrete.¬†Bleeding is one of the concrete related problems. It is mostly observed in a highly wet mix … Read moreWhat is Bleeding of Concrete ?

What is High Performance Concrete

Concept of High Performance Concrete (HPC) A concrete mixture which has high workability, high strength, high modulus of physical property, high density, high dimensional stability, low permeability and resistance to chemical attack is generally said to be high performance concrete. The American Concrete Committee on High Performance Concrete includes the following six criteria: Ease of … Read moreWhat is High Performance Concrete