What is Lightweight Concrete ? Types & Uses

Introduction to Lightweight Concrete Lightweight concrete is a special type of concrete which weighs lighter than conventional or normal concrete. Density of light weight concrete is conventionally low. Generally 300 kg/m³ to 2200 kg/m³ and thus normal concrete has density between 2200 kg/m³ to 2600 kg/m³. Principle of Lightweight Concrete The basic principle behind the … Read moreWhat is Lightweight Concrete ? Types & Uses

What is Prestressed Concrete ?

What is the Concept of Prestressed Concrete ? In case of big concrete construction projects like bridges, steel reinforcement bars alone won’t be sufficient to provide the necessary tensile strength. Pre-stressed concrete is used in all kinds of structures from bridges to buildings, silos and tanks. It’s a great way to minimize cracking and take fuller … Read moreWhat is Prestressed Concrete ?

Bituminous Road : Types & Construction Procedure

What is Bituminous Road Bituminous road consist of their surface with bituminous materials which is also called as Asphalt. It is sticky dark viscous liquid obtained from natural deposits like crude petroleum. Different Types of Bituminous Surfaces. 1. Prime Coat : This is a single coat of low viscosity bituminous binder. This coat is applied … Read moreBituminous Road : Types & Construction Procedure

WBM Road : Construction Procedure, Advantages and Disadvantages

WBM Road (Water Bound Macadam Road). WBM road means water bound macadam road. The wearing surface of WBM road consist of clean and crushed aggregates which are mechanically interlocked by rolling operation. The material is bound with filler material (which are also called as screenings) and water, laid on prepared base course. Materials Required For … Read moreWBM Road : Construction Procedure, Advantages and Disadvantages

Soil Compaction Equipments- Types of Rollers

Different Types of Compaction Equipments Effective compaction of material is an essential part of construction engineering operations concerned with foundations, construction and maintenance of the roads, airports, dams etc. The equipment required for these work range from the smallest vibrating rammers to the largest rollers of vibrating type. Quality characteristics such as strength, wearing resistance, evenness … Read moreSoil Compaction Equipments- Types of Rollers