Important Stages In The Construction Project

5 Stages in the Life Cycle of Construction Project.

construction project

A stand out Construction Project in general has following 5 major life cycle phases :

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Performance and Monitoring
  • Closure

1. Initiation Stage of Construction Project :

In this process we have to create and evaluate the project in order to determine if it is feasible and if it should be undertaken. At the beginning of the project many questions related to the issue of feasibility like, “can we do the project ?” and justification’s like “should we do the project ?” are mentioned and faced.

When a solution is approved, a project is initiated to implement the approved solution. This is the time when project team begins to take shape approval is then received by the Project Manager to move into the detailed planning phase.

2. Planning Stage of Construction Project :

The planning stage involves further development of the project in detail to meet the project objectives. The project’s tasks and resources equipment are identified along with the strategy for producing them. In a broader sense identification of each activity as well as their resources allocation is also carried out a project plan outlining the activities, tasks, dependencies and time flames is created.

The budget of the project estimated is used to monitor and control cost expenditures during project implementation. At this point, the project is planned in detail and ready to be executed.

3. Execution Stage of Construction Project :

This is the implementation stage where project plan is put into motion and the work of the project is performed practically on site. It is essential to maintain control and communicate as needed during each implementation stages.

Progress should be continuously monitored and appropriate adjustments are made and recorded as variance from the original plan like corrective measures should be taken and always highlighted. Each project deliverable should be reviewed for quality against the acceptance criteria.

When deliverable have been produced and the customer has agreed on final solution, the project is said to be ready for closure.

4. Performance and Monitoring Stage of Construction Stage :

This stage is all related to the measurement of the progress and performance to make sure that items are tracking with the project management scheduling . This stage happens at the same time as the execution phase.

5. Closure Stage of Construction Project :

During the final closure it is important to provide final deliverable’s to the customer, Which are as follows :

  • Handling over project documentation
  • Termination of supplier contracts
  • Releasing project resources
  • Communicate closure and project to all members.
  • Last and final is to conduct lessons learned. Study to examine what went well and what didn’t.

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