Types of Buildings Classified by NBC of India

Different Types of Buildings According to NBC India

The National Building Code of India (1970) has classified the types buildings on the basis of their occupancy as follows :

types of buildings

Group A : Residential Types of Buildings :

The types of buildings in which sleeping accomodation is provided to the people for residing temporary or on permanent basis.

For example : Bungalows, Private houses, Apartments, Hostels, Hotels, Cottages, Villas etc.

These buildings are further divided into 5 another groups.

1. Family Private Dwellings.
2. Flats.
3. Hotels.
4. Dormitories.
5. Lodging Houses.

Group B : Educational Types of Buildings :

The type of buildings in which educational activities takes place are called as Educational Buildings. It includes education from nursery to university. The best example of educational buildings are schools, colleges, universities, training institutes etc.

Group C : Institutional Buildings :

This types of buildings are used for the purpose of activities related to health, medical, recovering health from injuries or illness, care of old people and infants etc. Generally these types of buildings provide sleeping facility for the occupants.

Group D : Assembly Buildings :

The type of buildings in which groups of people gather together for the purpose of worship, for amusement, gymnasium, museum, cinema hall, club, swimming pools, transportation services etc. It is the type of building where people from all classes are gathered together.

Group E : Business Buildings :

This type of buildings are constructed for carrying out business related activities. The main purpose of such buildings is to carry out business transactions, keeping of important records and accounts etc. It includes city halls, dispensaries, clinics, libraries etc.

Group F : Mercantile Buildings :

This type of buildings are basically used for trading activities and for display of products or waves either wholesale or retail. It includes shops, stores, markets etc.

Group G : Industrial Buildings :

In this types of buildings or structure activities related to fabrication takes place. It may be assembling or processing of different products. Examples of industrial buildings are refineries, laboratories, assembly plants, gas plants etc.

Group H : Storage Buildings :

These type of buildings are generally used as godown, warehouse or a storage structure. The primary purpose of these buildings is storage of goods or products, waves or merchandise, vehicles or animals etc.

Group I : Hazardous Buildings :

The types of buildings structure in which storage, handling, processing or manufacturing of materials which are harmful to living kind and has the potential to burn with extreme rapidity and cause harm to living health are called as hazardous buildings. Hazards may be due to accidental fire, fumes or gases, explosion etc. Buildings which are used for the storage of such harmful gases and highly flammable liquids, fireworks, explosives etc are included in this type of buildings.

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