Plumbing System Basic and Important Principles

Basic Principles Of Plumbing System 1. All the Premises made for human use or habitation shall be provided with the supply of pure and water, neither connected to unsafe water supply nor subject to backflow or back- siphonage. 2. Plumbing fixtures, devices and appurtenances shall be supplied with water in sufficient volume and pressure adequate … Read morePlumbing System Basic and Important Principles

Important Stages In The Construction Project

5 Stages in the Life Cycle of Construction Project. A stand out Construction Project in general has following 5 major life cycle phases : Initiation Planning Execution Performance and Monitoring Closure 1. Initiation Stage of Construction Project : In this process we have to create and evaluate the project in order to determine if it … Read moreImportant Stages In The Construction Project

Diaphragm Wall Construction and Procedure

Diaphragm Wall Diaphragm wall is method of creating cast in-situ reinforced concrete retaining wall using slurry supported trench method, Hence they are also known as slurry walls. These walls provide rigid, cost effective solution for permanent retaining wall and shafts with less construction joints. Construction Procedure of Diaphragm Wall 1. Site Logistic and Slurry Plant … Read moreDiaphragm Wall Construction and Procedure

Indus Valley Civilization│Town Planning in Ancient India

Development of Town Planning in Indus Valley Civilization. Indus valley Civilization The Indo-Gangetic region formed the cradle of Indus Valley Civilization, nearly five thousand years ago, though no one had heard of such civilization till the 1920’s. However, the excavations carried out in the latter half of twenties at Mohen-jo-Daro (Hill of the Dead, on … Read moreIndus Valley Civilization│Town Planning in Ancient India